Highly-personalized 大学咨询 is the capstone of the Head-Royce student’s journey.

Preparing students to thrive in college and beyond...

的 大学咨询 team works closely with students and families, getting to know them as unique individuals, with the goal of seeing each student matriculate to a school at which they can thrive based on their specific abilities, 个性, 需要, 和愿望.

的 main goals of our comprehensive 大学咨询 program are to:

  • support students in the introspective process of identifying their academic and personal interests, 的优势, 和目标
  • help students hone in on the right match amidst nearly 4,000 colleges and universities in the U.S. 在世界各地
  • assist students in submitting applications that represent their very best work, including building a strong resumé, developing interview skills and crafting a compelling personal statement
  • teach life skills that will allow students to succeed in college and beyond, including managing a complex process
  • enter college feeling confident and with a deeper understanding of themselves and whom they hope to become

Our overarching priority is to encourage students to invest fully in the 上学校.

We know that the most successful college students are those who spend high school fully engaged in their academic work and involved in their communities.

College Application Timeline: What to Expect


Our team members have served on admission committees across selective institutions and are experienced in helping students identify the criteria they want in a college community and how to present themselves fully, authentically and confidently in the application.


的 CCO team and special guest speakers answer families' questions about course selection, 标准化考试, and other important college application topics.



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